Red All Over 6


The London Bus Review of 2016

2016 was another intensely busy year for TfL’s bus operation, with 125 new contracts awarded and almost a thousand new vehicles entering servce. There were fewer New Routemasters this year but a significant number of Gemini 3s and the first of many MCV EvoSetis, all built on the Volvo hybrid chassis.

Volvo’s much-sought-after B5LH merits its own survey in this edition as London deliveries pass the 850 mark. There are also features on the conversion of Red Arrow routes 507/521 to full electric operation, the Gospel Oak-Barking rail by bus’ replacements and the Farnborough Air Show shuttles, alongside regular inclusions like Vinyl Variations and Quite Interesting.

As before, contract changes and renewals are presented in two-month chunks, with some rather nice photographs, and the extended captions have been extended even further than in previous editions (keep this up and it will soon be a proper book). As if all that weren’t enough, the copious use of tables provides extra background detail.

What more could you want?

Red All Over 6 - The London Bus Review of 2016 It’s all there.

A4 Softback
132 pages
Over 250 photos
30,000 Words
Extended Captions

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