Roadside With The RF


Roadside with The RF

Our  ‘Roadside Series’ features the various bus types that have, or continue to operate in London. One thing ‘The Roadside’ series isn’t, is a definitive history, that’s been done! 

Instead we give an overview of the day to day operations with photos that also bring back memories of life when the buses were operating. It might be through the milkman delivering his bottles or a store/pub that no longer exists, but it is memories, nostalgia, a time to float back to the days of your youth, the ‘Good Old Days’. 

The second  volume features the RFs during the ‘60s & ‘70s. Jim Blake has created a collection of over 300 photographs which perfectly hit the remit for the series. The buses are fascinating but there is plenty of other interest in most of the photos, look beyond the bus! In addition, each is captioned with a wealth of historical information. 

Each section has a theme and Jim uses them to takes us on a remarkable tour through London during the days of the diminutive RF. The sections are - RFs at Home; Express & Limited Stop; Over & Under; Not in Service; Borderlands; Bus Stations; Extremities; Interchange; Kingston - Home of the RF; South-Western Low Bridges; Rural Rides; Original Green Line RFs; Modernised Green Line; Downgraded Green Line; Changed Identities; RFs for RTs; RFs to the Rescue; Private Hire; Rainy Day RFs; Outer North-East London; Down South; Cross London; Inner Surburbia; Outer Surburbia; Sunday Service; Oddities; Railway Emergency Service; Colour Change; Overhaul; The New Order; Life Extended; Afterlife; Downfall and RF Variants.

A4 Sewn Bound Hardback
124 pages
302 Photos (293 b/w & 9 col)
Informative & Interesting captions

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